How much money did Frank Schilling make in the GoDaddy acquisition of Uniregistry?


According Uniregistry blog: GoDaddy acquiring Uniregistry and Name Administration Inc. I also got an email from Uni:

Better together:
Uni joins GoDaddy.
GoDaddy announces its acquisition of Uni Registrar, Marketplace, and Portfolio. 
The big picture Uni has always been somewhere domain lovers, domain investors, and people who understand the value of the right name have found a home that thinks the way they do. End-to-end solutions for the internet’s unique identifiers has always been our aim, and honest feedback from users like you and the experience behind our team has gotten us to the front of the line. Now, we’re excited for the future of smart and innovative domaining now that Uni is now a part of GoDaddy. 
Why did GoDaddy takeover Uniregistry? What does it mean for domain industry?
Our prized gem—the Market—has enabled industry access to tools that help you sell faster, on the go, with more exposure, more data, and more feedback. That equals flexibility. We’ve applied those same principles to our registrar, simplicity at the core, a UI that reacts to you, and an App which doesn’t tether you to a screen. Together they are the domain dream team; just imagine them on the larger stage. 

We love this industry, we love what we do, and we’re already working to develop our technology so that domains are within reach for all. 

Joining GoDaddy is a perfect fit. Our tech, love of the craft, and desire to disrupt the status quo paired with GoDaddy’s relentless commitment to their customers and innovation. Velvet glove, meet iron fist.

I’m so proud of the team we’ve put together. It is incredibly rewarding to give them the opportunity to scale our solutions with GoDaddy’s customers. The years ahead will truly be awesome!

Frank Schilling, Founder, Uniregistry
  1. Feb 22, 2020 1:07 am

    the price was $200M USD 😲
    – about $5k for each domain (collection of 350,000 domains)
    – and Uni registrar
    So I think it’s a bargain cuz Frank owned the most valuable dot coms on the Internet.

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